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When you join the IATSE you are also eligible to use the services and discounts offered to union members via Union Plus.

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Member Benefits

Union Plus benefits stand for quality and service - with prices working families can live with.

Best of all, Union Plus programs are designed specifically for working families. Our benefits have added features that are especially helpful in cases of disability or layoffs.

Our Secret? Union Power.

Just as unions provide strength in the workplace, Union Privilege provides strength in the marketplace. We deliver quality benefits through the collective buying power of over 13 million AFL-CIO union members. And we do so without using union member dues.

Our member advocates also use the collective strength of union consumers to ensure members get prompt, courteous service and high-quality benefits -- as well as help in resolving any problems. With Union Plus programs, union members can rest assured their needs will be addressed and their voice will be heard.

Here a just a few Union Plus benefits that you are eligible to receive based on your union membership:

  1. Credit Card
  2. Secured Credit Card
  3. Your Credit Score
  4. Credit Counseling
  5. Union-Made Checks
  6. Mortgage and Real Estate
  7. UnionSecure Supplemental Insurance
  8. Auto Insurance
  9. Health Club Discounts
  10. Health Savings
  11. Travel Center
  12. Car Rental Discounts
  13. The Union-Made Marketplace
  14. Cingular Wireless Discounts
  15. Union-Made Clothing Discounts
  16. Dell Computers

So get on over to the Union Plus website and see how it can benefit you!

These services are offered ONLY to current IATSE members!